We are very happy to introduce Reebo, the first item in The Reesort collection made fully out of recycled Plywood.

Inspiration for Reebo and for all the Storquestudios Reesort collection comes from the enormous wooden waste generating in different industries. In Storquestudios we think that there is always a right way to utilize unwanted wood. By creating unique design, we are able to use even the smallest of off-cuts to make the most of wooden substance.

What about Reebo…

we only need one very narrow stripe of plywood off-cut, to create one trestle. We find ways to reduce elements and provide solid construction. Two trestles and worktop create a very stable structure perfect for Your office, retail interior or any kind of workshop. An additional shelf could help You make the best use of available space and organize your stuff… A great thing about this item is that You can simply close the Reebo trestles when You don’t need them and hang them on Your wall.

Reebbo project helped us realize that we are very close to our goal…
Storquestudios can not only improve production but also have great impact for waste management in different industries