Baltic Birch Plywood is extremely popular in the furniture industry. With the density comparable to commonly used hard woods, it is a very reliable and durable construction material. Makers love it for its versatility and elegant feel.

In the past few years there has been an increase in birch plywood waste. This is partly due to CNC machining, where large quantities of this material are disposed with no other purpose, than to be shredded and burned. Most of the commonly ussed plywod, contains toxic Phenol-formaldehyde resin, which releases toxic gasses when burned. Using plywod waste as a fuel is not recommended for conventional burners.
Bio- bond technologies could solve some problems with Plywood waste management, but don’t Birch ply’s deserve bether than ending in wood burners?

Storquestudios has a sensitive spot for this birch plywood material. We have come with a conclusion that we can reach some solution, by accumulating quantities of Birch strips, and working with them to create our product PLYdowel.

What exactly is our product? Is there any difference to a conventional wooden dowel?
The difference starts with the production method. PLYdowel are not turned using traditional methods, but are formed using a range of steps including CNC machining. This allows us to form the PLYdowel moulds into desired shapes, so we can easily program precise angle edges and complicated sockets during the manufacturing process.

So far, we have constructed a few unique pieces of furniture based on this product. Our shelving system for exmple, is entirely built of PLYdowel, and the specially designed socket, provides a great connection between elements. We have used a German Domino joint patent here which we find extremely efficient. It is probably worth to make a statement about Domino patent, in that it is one of the greatest joinery invention of the 21st century!

These PLYdowel components can bring consistency to your projects, and provide you with unconventional solutions.
Our first released diameter 35mm, is a standard size for a range of applications. We have sucessfully tested PLYdowel as a furniture legs, handles, shelves and balustrades. We are constantly developing this project and will soon be providing different diameters, accomodating more plywood scraps as we go along.

The application for this product is endless. With PLYdowel You can Ply as You like!