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Concept for our Tekapsu project was very simple. Creating a module that will allow for free compilation
and build of a larger set of use. The resulting element allows to form a very interesting
structure, giving you the chance to arrange various spaces, and at the same time
enriching (space) the structure with functional nature. A simple feather-groove joint
system allows for adopting an unlimited amount of elements and the creation of complex shapes.

For this project We decided to use plywood. Our choice is not random. The first important reason we chose this
particular material is because certainly it is extremely flexible and can be very easily shaped.
More importantly Plywood is a unique natural material. Selection through this material is also very important for the planned production process which in this case will not be very complicated.

Positive results prompted us to continue work … we are working Tekapsu
on the creation of the same element in a larger scale, which will help create
even more interesting structures with a very different feel and function.

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